State 91 & Josie Sandfeld – I Still Believe

The boys from State 91 asked if I could do another lyrics video for their new track. I hesitated because I could be doing no/low budget things 24/7 if I wanted. And everybody knows, those 24 hours that are in a day, are not all available. Eating and sleeping is deemed vital, and to not end up under a bridge with one’s laptop, earning some money is also strongly advised.

So I said yes, and thought I would spend two or three hours on it and call it a day. But as per usual, I had all kinds of ideas and suddenly saw there was a moon theme, and how much fun it would be to have that round form in the middle being the visual line in all of it. Because that symbolizes the belief and all.. So I ended up adding a moon to shots that did not have one, searching for more material, upscaling material to have more to work with, layering elements to have the drop stand out more. Adding snow. More flakes. Visual effects..

“But that is a lot to do in two or three hours, right?”

Yes. So it ended up being two, three days. And then I decided to call it an hour.


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