After upgrading to Komplete 13 (oh, and I have Composer Cloud X as well and so much Kontakt libraries, virtual instruments and effects), I had to admit I now have more than overflown my musical toolbox. There are good reasons to spend time arranging all of the tools, samples, instruments and yet another free download of obscure drum computer sounds from history, but it is all geared towards creating actual music. Actually.

I always try to have all possibilities for creation at my disposal, which also includes studying how to use the tools (it might come down to ADD, OCD or PTSS, don’t know, but I actually want to know everything, to have all of the solutions to never panic about anything, something like that). But with all of the overwhelming possibilities at one’s disposal, it is possible to only have them ready for when they are needed. And in the meantime keep on hoarding more and more of everything all of the time [insert Bo Burnham reference].

That is why I force myself to dedicate the whole of July to create a piece of music everyday, while also doing my job AND all of those fun side-projects you see whirling around over here. It will actually need strongly powering down the urge to keep up with everything, maybe even changing my sleep schedule (like.. getting out of bed at 7 am or something mildly weird like that). But I really want to create a piece of music everyday in July.

They will be published on my Soundcloud (and Facebook and Twitter) daily. And at this moment I think I will create them all in E (as in the musical note), so it could bring the differents parts together a longer piece once I get to the end of it. edit: I will have each day of the week have it’s own base chord, so I can use August to create a maximum of 7 tracks that combine all Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays etc. You get the point. And videos.
Of course it will not be complete songs or tracks all of the time. But I will force myself to put out something that I am not overly embarrassed about, each and every day.

And yes, I totally understand I am setting myself up for public failure with this thing. The only copout could be to delete everything once the whole idea fails, or I do not like anything that comes out of it. But I would rather not go that route.

Let us see what could come out of such a megalomaniac endeavour. Now I already did all of the artwork, it would feel really stupid to stop at any point.

Could still all be crap, but be a successful attempt at the same time.

Addition: I already made some conceptual ideas for the themes you see for each of the weekdays. To have an idea about the mood/atmosphere and genre per day.

Monday – Blue

Space opera. A small capsule shot out into space with the last 7 people from a small blue dot that turned an yellowish grey. – analog electronic / cinematic

Tuesday – Tension

Horror – Traditional horrormovie music with a killer on the loose with orchestral / symphonic instruments. 

Wednesday- Wild

Excitement in an urban area – Rock / metal / punk / rap

Thursday – True

Campfire atmosphere – acoustic and small

Friday – Vocal 

Big break orchestral) trance female vocal + choir

Saturday – Dance

Get the crowd going – Big band / Big beat / Dubstep / Techno

Sunday – Chill

Lo-fi jazzy chillz 


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