Lyrics video for HALIENE & Maratone

A nice illustration of how to make an ultra-fast turnaround on a request to create a lyrics video for a trance track that is bound to make an impact. I took my cover design of the track as a starting point for the opening of the video. Creating a 3D tracked version of that file with PhotoVibrance, the recognizable photo came to life.

After that I collected video images from Envato and edited them to fit the lyrics, and after that pushed the color palette of that image unto the rest of the images in Adobe Premiere. Hacking the new captions capability of that application, I was able to create a first draft of the whole video in record time.
The original captions were easy and fast to render out and re-imported on a seperate layer. Captions normally do not have any transitions attached to them, but I made cuts at the starting points of the imported layer. Replacing the layer with captions in another font (that happened) the cuts and transations remained in place. Nice. The imported layer immediately provides a pretty blurry copy behind the original to blend things nice.

Even after deciding on another font, it was really easy to render out another version. The real “kick” to have it look good really fast, was to create a layer that is reacting to the actual kick in the track. That is fairly easy when you are using FreqReact by Davey Studio. You can connect any frequency to any variable in Adobe After Effects with this ultrasmart plugin. In this case I actually created a fairly simple 50% grey layer that reacts to the kick with a quick bounce and some delay in brightness, and made that a seperate layer in my Premiere comp. So changing the font did not influence any of that. But I did point out to the creator of the After Effects plugin, it really does provide great things in that could add a pretty subtle layer of “seeing the beat” to the video, without being really that visible at all.

Who looks really hard, can actually see the brightest part bounce to be extra bright when the kick hits. It is like in the Defining Future video, where there is just “something” happing during those beats. You do not register it, but at some level, it probably is felt.

Anyway, thanks to all these ways it is feasible to create something out of nothing within an astounding timeframe because of all the tools a creative has to their disposal at any time of the week, or day.


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