Defining Future music video

Update: working on a second video for the Abandom project EP. This one will be pretty special. Though based on a lot of the same video material as the first clip (also the technorock track is built around the same chords as the main theme), this clip looks like it is painted. The familiar spaces from the first clip are way more colorful and adorned with posters, street art, wall paintings a of the vocalist in action in them. The Defining Future song is a vocal track, with lyrics that reflect on the debris of the future. So having a “singer” in them is logical.

For now you can have a peek at stills from the video. The music and the completed clip will follow in a future update. As you can imagine creating something like this takes some time (already three months in the making), but also gives plenty opportunity to familiarize oneself with exciting new things like motion tracking, rotoscoping, simulations and a piece of free software found in December: EbSynth, that makes this style possible.


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