About Hoof

Hoof (pronounced ‘Hove’ with a sharp F, it’s Dutch) has been the online name of Ruud van Wijngaarden for many years. So it was fairly logical to also create music under the same moniker.

Lots of the tracks are available for listening on Soundcloud. If you like it, you can also follow Hoof on Facebook.

Check Spotify for the releases that are already there (also check out the remixes). Lots of other stuff in the works (including more soundtrack oriented tracks like Abandom, including videoclips) and there is also a lot of design going on for labels like Abora Recordings, OHM Music, Hyprion, Gallant Records, Gallant Synthax, Masana, Melodic Matters and identity, motion graphics, sound editing, video, illustration and what have you.

Never a dull moment, never enough time, always up for fun. If you want to get in touch, drop a line or try any other way.

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