About Hoof

510b5-hoofpaintedLiqueHoof (pronounced ‘Hove’ with a sharp F, it’s Dutch) has been the online name of Ruud van Wijngaarden for many years, but for most of the musical tracks, Hoof is actually two people. They are made in collaboration with Lique Angel: music encyclopediva, icon of good taste, artist, painter and best friend. She also painted the portrait that is used extensively for all Hoof related imagery.

Ruud does the technical stuff, arranges, programs, mixes, Lique provides her ideas and improvements, with hums, claps, sung melodies, special effects and beat boxing, until both are satisfied.

Lots of the tracks are available for download on our Soundcloud page. If you like it, you can also follow Hoof on Facebook (and Lique Angel as well!).

We have been dancing to and creating electronic music for more than 20 years. Only now the first tracks are being released. The debut was Psykick on Destinesia Records, followed by Sirendipity on Mondo Records that featured great remixes by Dark Echo and Tim Verkruissen, it was played by Andrew Rayel and Cosmic Gate and brought great new contacts. Be ready to hear cool collaborations and more originals.

Want to come in contact, information about signing a track, remixes, collaboration or classic trance  gigs? Feel free!

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