About Hoof

Hoof (pronounced ‘Hove’ with a sharp F, it’s Dutch) has been the online name of Ruud van Wijngaarden for many years.

Lots of the tracks are available for download on the Soundcloud page. If you like it, you can also follow Hoof on Facebook.

We have been dancing to and creating electronic music for more than 20 years. Since 2017 the first tracks are being released. The debut was Psykick on Destinesia Records, followed by Sirendipity on Mondo Records that featured great remixes by Dark Echo and Tim Verkruissen, it was played by Andrew Rayel and Cosmic Gate and brought great new contacts. The track Witnessday was released on ReState Records, the collab Hudson with the talented AxelPolo was released on Mashbuk Records, with wonderful remixes by Theoh and Alex Byrka. A fast remix for Wer sind Wir by the german band Löwenhertz was released on Echozone, a track that proves to be popular with german lovers of electronic music. For the same label remix are released of  songs by Projekt Ich (Where are the angels, Das was, doch blieb, This time I’m over you), All the Ashes (Zuruck auf Null), Arctic Sunrise (Stars) and Broken Ego, more to follow. For a change and for a competition, we did Miiilo Ft. Leah Devine – Go Ahead And Jump. You will find all of the released remixes in this Soundcloud playlist.

Next came Heart & Zeal on the great label Discover Records. Already played October 24 by Jesus Sifres on NorthPole pres Icebreaker 229  and by Stoneface & Terminal in their Reflected Broadcast 30.

In 2018 on August 20, the pre-order and subsequently the exclusive release of the track Noor on Mashbuk Music on Beatport. It has been featured on radio shows by Frank Watson, Alex John, Patrick Dreama and Artento Divini. Watch the video for this track! Click here to download or stream from your favorite service.

Support by Andrew Rayel, Cosmic Gate, Stoneface & Terminal, Artento Divini, Patrick Dreama, Frank Watson, Alex John, DJ Bluefire, Rubster, Victor Lobanov, Dj Feel, Druce, Simon McCann, Jesus Sifres and Dj Okkie.

Be ready to hear more cool collaborations and originals following next!

Want to come in contact, information about signing a track, remixes, collaboration or classic trance gigs? Feel free!

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