Highway to Hell (2016)

Lique noted there wasn’t a nice dance version of Highway to Hell. So there went another sunday afternoon. One of the reasons there are no good remixes, there are hardly any acapellas available. I bought a multitrack cover version from Song Galaxy, so what you hear on guitar and vocals is a cover band that almost sounds like AC/DC. But isn’t them. They did play to a click track, so it was not hard to put some new beats in the way.

Fastforward to october 2016 (Halloween!). I now have way better audio equipment (neutral headphones FTW) and beter mixing/mastering software and experience. So I had to update this track, because it was not half of what I meant it to be. It sounded great on my equipment, but now I know that was not painting the picture I was putting out. Sound-wise.


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