Yes. It changed

I planned to have that The Hoof That Wouldn’t Die movie done in 2022. Maybe not the complete soundtrack album, but the movie should be possible. Maybe if I would have hold off all of the other fun projects that came my way. Saying “no” is not my strongest talent. Especially when there is so much to learn.
So it almost halted for half a year, and new tech and possibilities surfaced that could make the end result even cooler that I had in mind. So I restarted it for the fifth time, with more stability, higher quality enlargement, smarter masks so I can use static backgrounds. All kinds of fun. If you call starting at scene 01 again “fun”.

For 2023 it has the main focus, and I am trying out smarter and faster was of creating it every time I have it in my hands. Though I tend to get distracted easily. Like with the possibilities of a.i. assisted art and unexpected roads that could promise a faster result… That take a reasonable amount of time..

Last year around this time I thought it was a fun idea to have the head from the movie sing a song as a new year’s thing. That took two weeks or something. The rest of this and next year I will concentrate on making the actual thing. Not all of the other fun roads, like creating avatars like in the thumbnail of this post.

There is so much to discover, what a time to be alive!


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