Updated profile

So COVID-19 came around, and we were asked to work from home for three weeks. I thought it would be a fun idea to not shave for those ‘rona weeks. Many people do not know there were times I did not look like either a rockabilly hipster or an old man living in a cave, depending on how long I was away from the latest barbershop visit.

Because of global warming and I started to look alarmingly like somebody my age, and because I was constantly plucking it, and change is always fun, I did an hour and a half of grooming. Looking fresh. So I had to translate that to a new profile pick as well.

When you put your hand over one half of my face, you can see there is a friendly half, and a colder, harder half. It always surprises me how big the difference is in photos and portraits of myself.

Maybe one day I can offer this as a service. After I finish the other 25 projects and ideas of course.


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