Out Now!

Highway Lights is out on all regular platforms, so take you chance to listen to it! Made to be enjoyed in the car. With the windows open, just driving like you have nowhere to go. Which is probably the case because of the pandemic and everything.

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To create the video in a record amount of time (time is money, and in the music business both are scarce), I opened the old 3D model I made in Hexagon (a free, discontinued modeling program, I switched to the fantastic open source Blender for almost all of my 3D images, animations and even motion tracking and some compositing, check it out!). I then exported the logo I designed earlier as an .obj file and went straight to After Effects.

The speed with which you can setup the animation of floating H’s as you see in the video above is astounding, when you use Element 3D by Video Copilot. Setting up the materials is easy, and with the particle based animations, those floating logos are pretty fast to create. I added a background video from Envato Elements, for a 30 second animation I looped for the duration of the video. I overlayed that with random blocks that displace and blur, to keep things constantly evolving. Et voila, some kind of video and motion, to have something to look at while listening to Highway Lights.


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