Tony’s theme (Hoof rework)

Sure, at some moment in time I thought this could be a breakout track that would tremble the trance dancefloors all over the world. It is a great piece of music from the 16th century, but has a lot of emotional impact. On the other hand, Giorgio Moroder also felt that, and used it for a crucial scene of the Scarface soundtrack. Adding some parts of his own, but mostly recycling the original. I tried to get clearance from his label, acknowledging he did not have any rights to Tony’s theme. And also I did not sample or use anything he added to the original music to begin with.

But to no avail. Without clearance labels did not want to take the risk to get in trouble. So this track has been living in private for more than two years now. Musically a lot happened since then, but it still is a nice piece of work if you ask me. Especially when the choir kicks in and everything keeps evolving.

To be clear on the whole copyright thing, if you are interested: I played all of the parts, no samples of any recording are used. The orchestra and choir you hear are all digital instruments played for this track. I basically started with nothing, just a great suggestion to make something grand with the ingredients from the past.

Love beating those tubular bells by the way. Good chance you have to buy a new midi controller after doing those..


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