Hoof Remix

With ”Society Class“, Projekt Ich aka Ulf Müller has released the fifth single from the forthcoming second studio album which will be released via Echozone in autumn / winter 2021.

Following the successful debut album “By Train Through Countries” (2019), Ulf took a short creative break before getting back to work again. He produced several demo songs to continue the debut album’s proven concept of cooperating with various talented singers from all over the world.

This time, Ulf was able to get the vocal support of Ade from STOCKSNSKINS from Bournemouth / England. Ade wrote the lyrics and his strong bass / beat / poetry voice gives a large dose of power to the socio-critical song.

“Society Class” features the original track as well as eleven varying remixes by bands and artists like Cyborgdrive from Spain, L_iGH_T from Spain, Hoof from the Netherlands, Nature Of Wires from England, Vyrtual Zociety from Mexico, Tragic Impulse from the US, Restriction 9 from Sweden, Mark Loodewijk from the Netherlands, DMT Berzerk from Mexico, Areal Kollen from China and Terrance Pryor from the US plus the original’s instrumental.

Check the original, the Hoof remix and all other versions below!


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