NeemS & Hoof – Go strings attached

Last sunday an old friend came by. He used to be guitarist in a band we played in, so that should bring a different taste to the electronic sound you will normally expect (though I always try to introduce “different” instruments or sounds in the mix).

After some dead ends, we just started to improvise. I laid down a simple drum track and some bass. He played parts on his acoustic guitar, we put it through digital amps and effects, sliced, looped and added some extra parts (hello choir!). We bounced ideas off each other, and the result is a track that brings a smile to our faces.

Also the result is that we will be doing this every month, not shying away from doing vocal tracks as well. It was great fun, let’s hope you can hear that. For now it is kind of “digital punk”. No plan, no ambitions, but ready to make some noise!


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