Available on all platforms!

The weels of faith always keep turning, but sometimes they are moving really slow. We made our best track ever december 2017, but it took a label with guts to pick it up after all. The A&R managers loved the tune, but deemed it too emotional, too heavy for a summer release. After all Mashbuk Music took the bait and released the track Noor on Beatport on August 20.

This piece of music had a lot of work into it and was finished when my daughter had her birtday. That is how the track got her name, and she is the beauty facing this on the cover of it.

The original mix brings a lot of anticipation and builds up to a dancefloor-inducing eargasm. The radio edit on the track makes sure you are taken on a short notice, and the Li_Ion remix fuels the track to the progressive realm, so it resonates with even more listeners.

Keep your ears peeled to get this beauty into your life! As played by Artento Divini on Onstage Radio 52, Frank Watson and Rubster.

It is now available on all platforms for download or streaming, just click this link!


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