Hoof remix

For Projekt Ich we did the third remix, having a good time with the material. It is a blend of techno, electro, a sprinkle of trance and maybe a hint of drum and bass. It turns out to be one of the favorite versions of the track and actually has been played on plenty of (online) radio stations. The origjnal track and remixes were released on 27 July 2018

Following the critically acclaimed single releases “Where Are The Angels (link to Hoof remix)” feat. Mick L. Angelo (5TimesZero) in November 2017, “Little Star” feat. Catrine Christensen (SoftWave) in February 2018 as well as “Doch das, was blieb (link to Hoof remix)” feat. Markus Kühnel (Elandor) in June 2018 and as a pre-taste of the debut album scheduled for autumn / winter 2018, Projekt Ich aka Ulf Müller released the fourth single “This Time I’m Over You” on Echozone.

Ulf Müller was able to get Erik Stein from the English band ‘Cult With No Name‘ to refine the song with his extremely multifaceted voice which allows him to tell emotional stories in a very compelling way.

“This Time I’m Over You” deals with a failed relationship between two people who over the years hurt each other again and again and see their love in shambles, just to try once more to be together again. But now, one of them cannot and does not want to start anew: “This Time I’m Over You”.

Besides the original track, “This Time I’m Over You” features one instrumental version and 11 great remixes by international artists.
Remix package: Hoof (NL), IMUNAR (DE), Areal Kollen (CN), Fourth Engine (UK), Chem 7 (UK), Depechen (DE), Monotronic (DE), Bear Cave Studio (BE), RMP (DE), IDEOPHOBIA (RU) and Stefan Käshammer (DE).

Patrick Knoch (Elektrostaub) is again responsible for the mastering. Markus Kühnel from Nocturnal Studios designed the front cover as well as all further artwork for the single release.


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