Us in 2015


In 2012 I started making music again, after years of not finding the time for it. And it had to be dance, trance. One of the first results was US. Made with Apple’s GarageBand and an almost miniature MIDI keyboard.

I switched to the big brother of Garageband, Logic Pro. After years of blood, sweat and tears (mostly tears actually), I have learned a thing or two. And acquired lots of synths, plugins and did a lot of courses and tutorials to find out that I knew less than I knew every week. And I got myself a full size keyboard.

So the original US, still a favourit track for us, sounded like it was played by a wet orchestra in a mold-ridden cardboard box, that is stuffed in the basement. The mixing and mastering was done from the ground up, and some minimal changes were made (kick and bass are replaced). I found it to be an improvement.

Also I made a clubmix so the dj’s of the world can play it in the club (all of them) that is further away from the original.


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