Flux (+making of)


So how is a track born? Lots of different routes to a destination like that. This time I wanted to make something that would count as ‘hard trance’. No idea if that starting point survived in any way. It isn’t that genre in any way. Probably because how this evolved.

If you listen to the intro of Flux, you will listen three instruments that inspired the atmosphere of the track. Two instances of Signal, a special instrument by Output, that they had to call a pulse engine because nothing like that existed in the first place.

There is also a preset from REV X-loops, also by Output, the reversed sound you hear in the intro. The REV instrument is based on reversed sounds. Wonderful new instruments, but they do come with a learning curve, and a lot of getting used to.

Like this Kontakt instrument on vstbuzz.com, that turned out to be an inspirational addition to this track. Exploring this wonderful free (!) instrument, I heard vocal parts I just had to use. And I did just that in Flux.

After the initial version, lots of things changed. I work with Lique Angel on music and art. She can listen to any track and provide fresh ears. So I can hear what I did for the first time again. She sings, beat boxes and provides special effects, which results in something that makes everybody happy. Where different instruments do different things and there is a constant feel of motion. Like, well, flux. And then there is that moment that sounds like: “just put it out there”. There is also a video.

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